ABSURD PHENOMENONS | Mixed media drawings on paper, selection

It has often been said that big breaks cause a certain split of self and parts of the self are inevitably lost, while others have been found in the process. Some may call it LIFE as well.

Noticeable obsession with humans, their behaviour, emotional states, madness, fear, passions, and sins in all their forms – angels and devils, monsters and children with all the shades in between…Paper is my favourite playground and the most free and intimate space where I can address all my concerns, internal eruptions or observations about the mad world surrounding me. In these drawings, everything appears to be in a state of constant and inevitable change & transformation, a big jump into the unknown, an experiment! The viewer is invited to observe all those micro universes, to follow the line traces and shapes, to collect the pieces and compose them into a bigger picture! Dynamic, chaotic, Inherently intimate and autobiographical, these narratives unfold and offer a certain generosity of my internal struggles and melancholy moods through visual modes of storytelling.