Art book – the graphic novel “WHY DO LADYBIRDS EAT PEOPLE?”

Strongly focused on figurative narration and surreal atmosphere it is inspired by social relations and all aspects of life and human emotions – passions, sins, habits, pain, loss, and love. A metaphorical and symbolical vision of humanity in its glory & failure. It reveals to the viewer many weird characters that crawled out of dark corners to tell their stories. In its bizarre and grotesque appearance, it glorifies the story of a little ordinary man, who is the main character in these pages.

I was experimenting with the dark but still poetic irony and criticism, keeping the viewer on the surreal and narrative ground, where a major part of the characters simply reflects us – humans in an eternal struggle with life and existence. This book was created during two years of my (MFA studies) at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad – department of graphic design and illustration.

It has won the First Award for the best-illustrated book on the international biennial of illustration “Golden Pen of Belgrade”. Consists of 100 double, fully illustrated pages.