HOMECOMING | Paintings & drawings

This series reveals the selected artworks with expressive and gestural figuration combined with very intimate imagery. Strongly inspired by the personal childhood ghosts emerging from the subconscious, internal journeys and rituals, histories and secrets, and emotional states captured in the grid of the unexplainable metaphysics of life. It is a story about a lost home and the search for identity. To be lost and found in this perpetual life journey, seeking, exploring, understanding – composing, and decomposing personal reality! Characters are captured in the grid trying to break free and to escape. The colour palette ranges from burning red to shades of brown, and purple – evoking the connection with the soil, ground, earth, blood, passions, and everyday struggles. Nostalgic and empathetic, this project ultimately speaks of the human experience and all the beautiful ways in which sadness can manifest itself.