From the ​S​olo exhibition ​at​ Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome​, IT​.

​”Valentina leaves her personal and exaggerated view of daily life in order to start a fairy and mythological journey into the forests of the subconscious, in the flames of love, through a nature that is at times Nordic and at times infernal.

Her characters turn into curious elves in love, scared and naughty, bewitched and bewitching little creatures who, with simple gestures or enigmatic expressions, invite us to follow them in their journey, even if for a minute only.

So we’ll find ourselves first in a dark wood where our hero of the moment defeats his lover’s monsters before leaving her (Battle For Love), then in a gloomy and treacherous Disney world (This Is Not Disneyland), and then again in a damp cave haunted by echoes and memories of a distant love. Strange beings with pointed ears and Pulcinella masks, dotted unicorns, and sneering creatures are coming out from thin blue flowers which drip their nectar on the heads of lovers and gods.

In Valentina Brostean’s underworld, filled with thick and stratified oil colors, a various, unreal and physical contemporary is brought to life, a contemporary that smiles at us and disenchants us while whispering: Hey you lovers what will the future bring?”

​​Excerpt from the book “Walk on the wild side”, Drago publishing, Rome, IT​