MOTHER | Paintings

MOTHER – A gigantic ICON, a SYMBOL of the begging and the end of everything! 

Mother is the most personal and the most present figure in the universe on a micro and macro level! There is an immeasurable faith and value in the supportive power of maternal genealogy. Across all cultures, there are ancient traditions and rituals surrounding motherhood. 

As a child, I had the most intriguing admiration and adoration but the fear as well of the POWER of the mother. This huge love and mystery marked my childhood and kept marking me throughout my whole life. The complexity and grandiosity of these mixed feelings about what it means to be a mother and what is it for me personally have been haunting me ever since.

I have tried to give a voice and shape to the mother symbol on many different occasions and on different levels of reading, depicting not only the glorifying parts but emerging on a journey of discovery of all sides of motherhood, in the bright sun and in the dark shadow.