NOMADS | Mask sculptures & ready-made objects

Nomads are humans in transformation. The masks represent the “myth about their quest”. Moving, changing, adapting, masking themselves with the colours and faces of the world? What is the radical transformation we go through once we wear a mask? How is a person behind the mask and what mask represent in the cultural context over the centuries? Ever since the dawn of time, we have been surrounded by masks, employed in the realm of the scared to invoke occult powers or to conceal a proper defragmented identity?!

The mask is an extremely complex object, not just because it has been used in the past and still today by all kinds of rebels, shamans, avant-garde artists, or activists​ -The mask liberates, protects, and brings out hidden urges. The Masked face could be a great icon of contemporary times in which battles are waged in the realm of appearances and the boundaries between fiction and reality cease to exist. We put a mask and choose who are we going to become. Something of the secret and transformative power of the ritual mask survives, even in our pandemic and masked present.