A series of Artworks on canvas & paper titled “The Department of the Lost and Found Souls”

In the wake of the loss of my beloved dog, I embarked on this deeply personal journey—a profound introspective exploration of grief, healing, and the potential existence of the realms beyond the visible reality. My paintings became a conduit for processing the loss of the physical absence while exploring the trace, an echo in the void. On this path, I delve into the ethereal realm of limbo, where the boundaries between dimensions blur, and the potential for something beyond our material world is contemplated. I seek to capture and unravel the enigmatic nature of this metaphysical space. Through exploration of these themes, I seek to evoke contemplation and introspection in the viewer. How an intricate landscape of loss can be pictured? Maybe by transcending the boundaries of the ethereal and the intangible – building a space of dialogue that overcomes individual experience, reminding us all of the profound interconnectedness.

It is my belief that through art, we can transcend the confines of our mundane reality and embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery, connecting with the spiritual essence that resides within us all.