THE WATCHERS | Paintings on found objects

I see eyes everywhere. Someone is always watching! Someone is always judging! Is this a provocation, do you feel interrogated and uncomfortable? Almost abstract faces are partially defragmented, the focal point is on one element in each piece – the eyes.Through the eyes that are staring right at the viewer tension is built. When the contact is made one can travel to the invisible world – almost as if the portraits are mirrors. Can these paintings reveal who we are or make us wonder and think deeper about our existence – intuitively discovering a whole universe inside? The colour palette presents the elegant and mysterious contrast between dark blue and golden okra, evoking the internal space’s silence and searching for the metaphysical realm within us. The colour is used as an instrument of revelation and a gateway to the soul. Since ancient times, the colour midnight blue has been associated with wisdom, moral philosophy and truth. Who is ready to face their demons?